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AWC serves as a model for inter-professional collaborative care in Austin.

We bring together health and wellness professionals, entrepreneurs and community members to create a new standard of care and optimal well-being for all!

We also maintain a public directory of our Health & Wellness Professionals, as well as a Blog!

Our Village

As health and wellness professionals, we know how difficult entrepreneurship can be.

​​There is no users-manual. Nor is there a one-size-fits-all roadmap to success.

But we can come together, share resources, co-create and heal our communities!

You’ve found your tribe!


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  • A supportive 2000+ member Facebook community
  • Opportunities for collaboration & co-creation through high-level networking with like-minded professionals
  • Understanding & knowledge from seasoned professionals
  • Personalized connections & Mentorship*
  • Free to all Wellness Practitioners offering services in Austin, TX

*Our group currently operates on the charity of our members. If you need help in the group message our founder Ashley Maltz, or admin Jazael Martinez

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  • Directory listings! Expand your web presence.
  • Blog shares! Help us by helping others, submit your wellness articles!
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Our website features are currently free as available by Jazael Martinez (AWC Web Developer & Admin). Donations are appreciated.

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Let’s face it, being a health or wellness professional is hard! There is no owners-manual or road map. And we all yearn for a thriving business that nourishes and supports us, whether as entrepreneurs or employees.

Yet, as heart-centered health and wellness professionals, we are not taught the skills it takes for entrepreneurship. Many of us stay in school, protected by academic structures and relationships for many, many years.

Once we decide to leave our safe cocoons to start businesses, we burn the candle at both ends – acting as both healer/professional and business owner – all the while isolating ourselves in individual work silos.

This can be painful and lonely and can leave highly competent professionals questioning their paths.

Austin Wellness Collaborative (AWC) was formed in June 2017 to break down the silos that keep health and wellness professionals separated. Founded by Dr. Ashley Maltz, an Integrative Medicine physician who moved back to Austin in late 2015, AWC brings together wellness professionals of ALL types, to foster inter-professional collaboration and success.

Inspired by a conversation she had with a massage therapist friend, she realized the need for connection in the healing community and went to work to create it. Starting by adding 80 healers she had met over one-and-a-half years in Austin to a Facebook group, AWC organically bloomed in to a place of support, collaboration and co-creation.

From physicians to chiropractors to energy healers, psychotherapists, massage therapists and yoga teachers, the group has taken on a life of it’s own. Within 1 year, the group has almost 800 participants. You name the healing modality and you will likely find a practitioner in the group!

Some of the group-reported benefits of our community thus far include:

  • Expansion of Referral Networks
  • Experiencing New Healing Modalities and Practitioners in Austin
  • Self-Healing
  • Deep Friendships and Business Partnerships
  • Gaining Business Support & Mentorship
  • Collaboration on Retreats/Workshops/Blogs/Conferences
  • Finding Work Spaces/Tenants

Join us in creating a healthcare revolution of patient and practitioner empowerment.

You have found your village!

“I have been privileged to be a part of Austin Wellness Collaborative. I have also been privileged to know Dr Maltz and her visionary humanistic approach to the current health care dilemmas that we face. The solution she proposes is Collaboration. I have seen AWC grow as people have recognized the unique meeting of minds and resonance of energies that take place here. The topics covered here are diverse and the attitude of everyone is friendly, supportive. Everything finds a place here be it networking, clinical questions, personal issues, promotions, meet ups or anything else that can be thought of as a positive health centric theme. I am excitedly waiting to see it’s evolution and it’s inevitable impact.”

Qazi Javed, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist

Owner of

Dr. Qazi Javed
Dr. Qazi Javed

“I’m totally in love with Ashley’s concept for AWC! The fact that it goes beyond networking into authentic connection and collaboration is what makes it so special. I was fortunate enough to become part of AWC early on and, since then, I’ve been able to come out of my shell and find consultants, business building advice, the perfect treatment table and most importantly some of the most inspiring people on the planet who get my mission and want to make things happen together, in true collaborative form. I’m grateful for online resources, but AWC takes the cake because it’s local and I can actually meet and experience the people I connect with. Thank you, Ashley, for your heart and your vision. I’m infinitely grateful that you’re in this world as a healer!”

Erica Benedicto, PA-C, MPH, PYT

Founder Healing the Healers – A Movement for Humans Healing the World

Contributing Writer for The Huffington Post and Integrative Medicine Alert

Erica Benedicto


Erica Benedicto

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