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Can Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs Simultaneously Be Successful and Have Satisfying Love Lives?

By Colette Davenport
-Intimacy Expert +Master Empath who helps people get crystal clear and connected at a soul-level so they can be kick-ass confident.

Fuck yes we can.

If you deeply desire the life of your dreams — a biz you love and a life partner who loves you (just the way you are) — then keep reading!

​There’s a popular lie going around that you might be buying. It has to do with a zero-sum mentality and sounds something like this, “I can’t give 100% to my work and my partner/family at the same time.” The problem is so many people believe it, have a lot of evidence to back it up, and are acting from that reality — so it seems true.

I got news for ya. This idea that we gotta sacrifice our love lives in order to pursue our passion as entrepreneurs is just plain bullshit.

Look at some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there.

Tony Robbins and his partner Sage say in this video,

“If you don’t use your partner to trigger that awakening inside yourself, eventually you resent them because you resent that a part of yourself has shut down.”

They’re talking about sex and intimacy, y’all.

Sex, love and partnership bring a next-level experience to your personal drive and passion.

If it’s the right partnership.

Another great example is Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham.

They are making up their own rules for how to love and support one another. Traditional marriage is not the only way two kick-ass people can commit to a life of extraordinary together.

Gary Vaynerchuk said in an interview

“I ‘married’ Lizzie an hour and-a-half into our first date and it was because I was intuitive about how she was wired. My wife is massively independent, and without that, I would have absolutely no shot in doing what I’m doing. And I’m also an all-in character. We’re winning now and we’re growing together in extremism.”

So how do highly-driven business owners have extremely satisfying relationships — and sex lives?

First, we choose it. We don’t look to the past to tell us what the future will be. We design our lives, professionally and personally, according to our desires.

We are self-awareness and development lovers.

We believe in ourselves and in others.

We seek someone who sees the possibilities with and for us.

We optimize and align The Five Bodies

The Five Bodies is a system I created for expanding self-awareness and living an extraordinary life. Here’s an overview.

As human beings we are made up of five bodies:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Sexual

The Physical Body

This is the part we identify with the most.

It’s made up of flesh and bone and contains all the magic that makes up YOU. Unfortunately, we don’t do the best job of taking care of it. We judge and shame and mistreat our bodies for some dumb reason I have yet to understand.

A few ways to take care of the physical body include eating whole foods, drinking plenty of clean water, taking supplements as needed, exercising consistently, and resting for longer-than-you-are periods of time.

The Mental Body

It contains your thoughts, which include judgements, expectations, memories, etc.

All of our actions are first filtered through our thoughts. When are you judging, expecting, comparing, and acting from memory rather than being present to what is, free of these conditioned limitations?

If you’re the average person the answer is likely “most of the time”.

The thing about the mental body is that it’s often in the proverbial driver seat of your life. Unless you learn how the mind works and practice observing your thoughts, beliefs, and (self-sabotaging) stories you’re prob gonna stay average. Educate and meditate to optimize and align.

The Emotional Body

This is where every human emotion resides.

From fear and shame to joy and peace (and everything in between), emotions are a part of our human experience. We’re taught to control our emotions.

That’s just fucking nuts. That would be like trying to control the weather so stop that nonsense right now. Emotions are waves of energy meant to move through you.

E-motion = energy in motion.

Instead, try fully feeling and being with your emotions. Learn to effectively and efficiently process the energy. Develop boundaries with the energy/emotions of others, which is super important if you are an Empath.

Also, get good at communicating your feelings to others and allowing them to express theirs with you.

Give great care to your emotional body.

Here’s a checklist for this.

The Spiritual Body

This is the aspect of you that is infinite.

It contains the wisdom of all time, past, present, and future. There is no judgement of “good/bad or right/wrong”. This part of you is not malleable or affected by opinion — yours or anyone else’s.

Think of the spiritual body as the innermost sphere that resides in the core of your being (you might think of it in your heart center). It is the part of you that is the EXACT SAME as everyone and everything else that exists. It is limitless, timeless, and contains the infinite information of the Universe.

In tantra, Shiva represents the masculine principle (spiritual body), or consciousness.

To harness this body’s limitless gifts, tune in and trust the signals it sends you.

The Sexual Body

This is the aspect of you that is raw potential. It contains the possibility of all things, including new life.

If the spiritual body is the innermost sphere that resides in the core of your being, then the sexual body is the nucleus of that sphere.

You, and everyone and everything else that exists, contain sexual energy, or raw potential. The pairing of infinite intelligence (spiritual body) and raw potential (sexual body) are what initiate the manifestation of all things.

Side note: The act of sex is a physical act, oftentimes disconnected from the sexual body altogether. This is why people talk about sexual “performance”, which is actually a hindrance to the potential for pleasure, connection, and transcendence that love-making can be.

From a tantric perspective, Shakti symbolizes the feminine principle, movement, change, nature — the activating power and energy.

To awaken the sexual body you must see sex differently.

If you can see this aspect of you as pure potential, life force, or qi then you will honor it as the sacred gift it is.

Imagine this.

Let this scenario activate a mind- and heart-opening sequence that draws to you the all the success and love you desire.

She is in his heart and he is at her service. Together they create. Everything that exists in their world is a reflection of this union.

Neither fixes nor fulfills the other but rather they enhance and elevate each other and generate glorious gifts for all.

They can exist individually, they are whole already, and when they join they amplify their mutual magnificence. This is the secret — the magic — the alchemical transformation that love makes possible.

The resonance of these two beings is an enlightened frequency many will experience as a result of the couple’s service to others.

These entities reflect back to one another a fully seen self — a satisfaction that quenches humanity’s thirst for connection.

This love, this union, this endeavor does not take away from the worldly pursuits of these people. It serves to simplify and organize them. The couple is clear. They are connected to purpose.

They see and say ‘yes’ to things that move others toward love, freedom, and satisfaction. They say ‘no’ to things that create more chaos and confusion and distraction from the truth.


Can we live a life of purpose and passion? Can we build a multi-million dollar business that creates global impact while enjoying extraordinary love and soul-satisfying sex? I believe not only is it possible, it is intended. When a person optimizes and aligns all five bodies they experience the absolute fullness of life.

When we share ourselves with another aligned human, we access the potential for enlightenment through sexual union. This is the basis for tantric sex.

For some of us, it has been requested by the Universe that we find ourselves so that others (especially our partner) can see us. It’s time to come out of hiding. You are the light. Magic happens when you allow yourself to see that.

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