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Your Second Season Menopause Years

By Maria Carbonell

Posted with permission. Original @ Second Season Menopause

We are so conditioned to expect to get hot flashes, mood swings, depression, anxiety, weight gain, memory loss, irritable, lack of sexual desire, dryness.. so called symptoms go on as we lead up to menopause.


My whole life has been an experiment. I remember reading something years ago that has always stayed with me, that the years leading up to menopause will determine how you menopause.

Since then though life has been zig zag, with the help of Ayurveda I’ve been conscious of taking in plants –aromas, teas, food, to balance my hormones naturally; watch the stress triggers, creating a routine in my day and tuning in and feeding my soul.

Here I am at 50. What I had committed to has become realized.

I can confidently say I am not have not and do not expect to experience these symptoms, unless of course I create a lifestyle for myself that will cause them.

If so I have the tools to course correct and see where I am off. But I’d rather enjoy this second season of my life in joy, relationship and service to my soul.

These have been the best years of my life even through the major life changes and challenges. I challenge you especially if you are 35 and over to believe menopause will be the best years of life in a strong body, enlightened mind and aware of your bright timeless ageless soul.


This is what I believe. Menopause is a powerful time in our life especially as women. We are powerful beyond anything we were ever taught and if we were, how lucky we are to receive these teachings early in life.

This power could be scary to walk in. If you’ve had a taste of it, you know what I mean. You might have retreated back to every day life as you knew but you still deep inside you have a familiar feeling you are meant for more and enjoy more that you are currently living. This is what women have said to me “I should be happy, but something feels off.”

I am looking forward to sharing more what it feels like, how to get there, and how to prepare your body and your mind for the brightest time in your life.

In Love,


Supporting Women through their Flowering of Feminine Potential.. Ageless Timeless, Sexual & Soulful

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Posted with permission. Original @ Second Season Menopause