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What Is Intimacy Coaching?

By Jenna Valentine

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We all know we need to practice if we want to get good at something. And, yet, we rarely have the opportunity to consciously practice and learn intimacy skills. As kids, we absorb the patterns of our parents; as teens we fumble alongside our peers; as adults, we fake it thinking that we should already know what we are doing.

Parents are often awkward and uncomfortable talking to their children about sex, schools are restricted in what they can discuss and often limit the sex education to abstinence and biology, media (porn and mainstream) set unrealistic expectations, and society tells us that it is taboo to discuss sex with friends & family. So, how are we supposed to learn healthy ways to connect physically, sexually, emotionally and mentally?

Intimacy Coaching can help guide you through the important work of:

  • analyzing your assumptions
  • reevaulating your relationship with sex
  • learning the critical foundation of self-love
  • facilitating healthy communication patterns with your partner(s)
  • talking to your children about healthy relationships and sex
  • navigating life transitions (divorce, childbirth, anniversaries, aging, injury)

The most important aspect of Intimacy Coaching is that it is customized to suit your individual needs and situation. Coaches will meet you where you are at and help you along the path to living your best life.

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