Have you been caught in the pleasure patriarchy?

By River of UncageLove.com : What is “sex”? 50 years ago, Masters and Johnson defined “sex” as: Foreplay, Climax, Refractory period. In this model, the goal is orgasm. Male orgasm. The whole process is based exclusively on the male ejaculation. … This is patriarchy. Read River’s full post here: https://uncagelove.com/blog/2018/12/21

Embracing Darkness Podcast

Izzy Swanson’s podcast: “Embracing Darkness“ “Embracing Darkness is essential to achieving and maintaining balance within ourselves and with the world around us. In this first podcast I introduce the concept of darkness and why it is important to understand it.” —Izzy Swanson   Read more about Izzy here

How to Practice Mindfulness in your Relationship Right Now

by Peter Craig Wish you had less conflict and more connection in your intimate relationships?With your kids, partner, or family members? Most of us want to have more love and less war, so what gets in the way? Neuroscience has taught us that we automate our reality and reactions in order to manage the complexity […]