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What are 3 things you LOVE about yourself?

❤️ by Amanda White ❤️

We are so quick to focus on our imperfections that we fail to acknowledge, accept, and celebrate our gifts!


My 3:

  • Loyalty – I am a committed person who has focus and drive. I am loyal to those around me and love to see others succeed.
  • Determination – my want for success far exceeds my acceptance of failure. This is what fuels me. I know I have a purpose and I will fulfill it.
  • Playfulness – I truly believe to my core that laughter is medicine. My family loves to laugh and have fun. It is definitely one of the things I love about me. My ability to be lighthearted and make others smile!


Connection to your true self is important. It helps you alleviate stresses and builds your skill for eliminating negativity in your surroundings.


think BIG take ACTION


Amanda White - Motivated Mandii Coaching
Amanda White

Motivated Mandii Coaching