Why is gut health so important?

Theresa Hernandez, APN/CNP shares her article about the importance of Gut Health. She says: “Even though most of us would only recognize typical IBS symptoms, many people don’t realize an imbalance in the gut will manifest as other symptoms elsewhere in the body.” Read her post here: https://laketravisintegrative.com/why-is-gut-health-so-important/

Is Roundup Really All That Dangerous?

Matt Dorsey, MAcOM, LAc shares his latest post: “It’s time to transcend the politics, the belief systems, the narrow-minded reality tunnels. It’s time to get serious about being evidence-based when it comes to eating organic food. So are organics actually safer?” Read all about it on his blog!: eastwestalchemist.com/blog/is-roundup-really-all-that-dangerous

Take a HIIT of Exercise!

Recent addition to our directory Peg Peterson writes about high-intensity interval training: If you hang out with a bunch of athletes, then no doubt you’ve heard quite a bit about “HIIT work.” Let’s be honest — HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, can be intimidating since it requires you put in periods of “all out” effort. […]

Why Self-Compassion Is Life-Changing

Marilyn Orr, co-owner of The Cedars Ranch and leadership coach with Capacity Building Coaching, shares with us her latest blog post on self-compassion. “Compassion is a word the vast majority of us easily embrace as a beautiful value. You might consider it one of your core values. It may be the lens that you want […]

The effects of stress on your health

Recent addition to the AWC directory, Theresa Hernandez, APN/CNP writes about the effects of stress. She says: So many of my patients, friends, and family members are just so overwhelmed these days. I wonder, are we actually experiencing more stress? Or are we simply becoming more aware of it? Stress, and its repercussions, play a […]