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How to Start A Spiritual Practice: Guide for Teenagers

Fanny Priest

By Fanny Priest,

Fanny Priest (she/her) is queer, polyamorous yoga therapist, writer, and witch living in Austin, TX. She helps healers and empaths create safe space in the tender animal of their bodies so they feel free to fully experience the whole, glorious range of their human emotions. She views self-care as a sacred responsibility, and as the source of sustainable healership.

She is a native French speaker born and raised in Montreal, and has been teaching Hatha, Hatha Flow, Restorative, Prenatal, and Yin Yoga in Austin since 2008.

Fanny shares her Guide for Teens on How to Start a Spiritual Practice, In her guest blog for Courtney Harris Coaching:

“Spiritual practice can be a loaded topic. For some, it refers to cherished and meaningful beliefs and practices, while for others, it’s at best an empty cliché, and at worst it represents the oppression of religious extremism. By definition, spirituality is deeply personal… [and it] is the practice of connecting to what is most fundamentally true about who you are.”

Fanny Priest
Learn more about What It is, What It means, & How to get started on Courtney’s Blog: