DIY Facemask sewing pattern

From Mollie Williams NTP @ Parsley and Pumpkins Nutrition Nutrition, Women’s Health, Fertility, Yoni Steaming, PCOS, Preconception Nutrition Mollie’s mission is to help women find permanent relief from painful periods, unbalanced hormones, and infertility through good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Mollie has written a blog for us to learn how to make our own […]

Coronavirus Support Guide

By Megan Adams Brown Nutritional Health Coach. Healthy lifestyle design. Women’s & family nutrition. Autoimmunity. Meal planning. Megan is passionate about helping people take charge of their health. She works with her clients 1:1 and in groups, and through the self-paced online programs she’s created. Megan has put together a Coronavirus Support Guide She shares: […]

When fear ignites gratitude

When we look around at the situation we are in, the word that comes to mind is uncertainty. We hear it a lot, mostly as a euphemism that we are headed for “uncertain times”.

I’d like to invite you into the notion that our certainty has not been taken from us, primarily because it never existed in the first place. What has been lifted is our illusion of certainty. Nothing in our lives is permanent and nothing is guaranteed.