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Black Owned Businesses in Austin: Health and Wellness

The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a bright light on the racial inequities of healthcare access in the United States. Simultaneously there is a renewed energy in the civil rights movement, making clear the unlevel playing field on which our Black brothers and sisters live every day.

Austin Wellness Collaborative is committed to both diversity and inclusion in its practitioners and those we serve. AWC recognizes that we can support our Black health and wellness professionals by sharing our platform and trumpet the good work they are doing for our community at large. 

Black Owned Businesses in Austin That Focus on Health and Wellness 

Primary Care Physicians

Arthur Direct Care

Arthur Direct Care is a Direct Primary Care clinic located in Round Rock, TX. Founder Albert Arthur, MD believes having good health care shouldn’t be expensive and complicated. Our goal is to make this process simple and affordable to all (both the uninsured and the insured) by offering high-quality primary care for a low monthly membership fee that is often less than most cell phone bills.

This model of care (DPC) does not require patients to have insurance to receive care. It eliminates health insurance and the hassles and bureaucracies that come with it out of primary care, leaving you and your doctor in charge of your healthcare. 

Dr. Cheryl Clark-Brown

Dr. Cheryl Clark-Brown, founder of Clark Brown Family Care Clinic, started her practice in East Austin in 2009 offering her health services as a primary care physician providing physical exams, weight loss treatments, asthma treatments, allergy treatments, high blood pressure treatments, and other services. She since then has expanded her services in adding acupuncture and lymphatic message therapy. The acupuncture service offers acupressure, pain management services, moxibustion, and more! We also offer Aesthetic services with Esthetique De Luxe owned and operated by our provider Jonathan Escobedo.


Dr. Garrick Baskerville believes that when people have access to quality health care that addresses mind, body, and spirit, people enjoy improved health, wellness, and improved sense of being. With that in mind, Dr. Garrick founded METSI Care. METSI Care is not just a regular doctor’s office. Through METSI Care, its members are able to come together as a community to learn about healthy living, experience new forms of creativity, and form new relationships with others within or outside the performing and musical arts industry. At METSI Care, the environment is a fun, relaxed space to truly help our members heal, create, experience joy, and be fully self-expressed. 

Austin Black Physicians Association


Skin Joy Dermatology

Saya Obayan, MD, MPH, FAAD is a Board-Certified Clinical Dermatologist specializing in the care of all types of skin, hair, and nail diseases. In her practice Skin Joy Dermatology, she is particularly passionate about spreading awareness about skin care and has a special interest in holistic dermatology. This involves caring for all types of skin diseases and paying attention not only to the many medical and surgical treatments out there but to the myriad of non pharmaceutical options available. Skin conditions are often related to what we eat and drink,and our levels of stress. Dr. Obayan examines these factors and more to determine what might be causing the skin condition and how best to treat you.

Internal Medicine

Dr. Jeffree James

East Austin Medical Clinic

3232 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78721


Plastic Surgery

Dr. Aisha White

Dr. Aisha White is one of the few female board-certified plastic surgeons in Austin, Texas. She applies her artistry and clinical expertise to provide comprehensive care to her patients.


Center for Green Psychiatry

The Center for Green Psychiatry was founded in 2018 by Gregory Scott Brown, MD, and offers full-scale psychiatric services. The Center for Green Psychiatry is both a wellness advocacy platform and a group of independent private practices as a way for integrative-minded mental health professionals to come together, under the same roof, and offer wellness services to the Austin community.

F. Ada N. Ifesinachukwu, M. D.

Child & Adult Psychiatry

Dr. Ada has been a child & adolescent psychiatry specialist for over 12 years, six of those years in the Austin Area. She received her general and adult psychiatry training at Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Lubbock, and her Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Training at Scott and White Memorial Hospital, Temple/Texas A&M University Health Science Center. After training Dr. Ada worked with a group practice in Austin before starting Summit Mental Health Clinic in August, 2004.

Holistic Mental Health

Nakia Gray Scott, MD, believes that a holistic approach to wellness reveals an individual’s true potential. Integrating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health promotes balance. She encourages patients of Holistic Mental Health to embrace nature, whole foods, and positive social interaction with people and pets. Examples of complementary treatments include nutritional and exercise counseling, supplements, herbal and botanical remedies, and relaxation techniques.

Dr. Sharette S Kirsten Gray, MD

Child & Adult Psychiatry

Carl R Darnall Army Medical Center

36065 Santa Fe Ave

Fort Hood, TX 76544


Dr. Tracy Anthony Asamoah

Families come to see me with all sorts of concerns. Usually, a child or teen is having a hard time psychologically, emotionally or behaviorally and his or her family is trying to understand and help life go a bit better. This is where I come in. I help children, teens and their families explore ways to improve life’s difficulties. Families who come to see me might have a child struggling with anxiety, ADHD or depression. Others have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or psychosis.

Counseling and Mental Health Services

The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method

The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method (SM) integrates trauma-informed yoga therapy and somatic psychotherapy practices. Founder Nityda Gessel, LCSW, E-RYT, TIYT, is a licensed, practicing psychotherapist and trauma specialist. Nityda has devoted herself to trauma training and research and is keen to the intricacies that present within clinical settings . Nityda is trained in a variety of somatic-based and trauma-focused psychotherapies including Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and mindfulness-based modalities.

Crave Counseling PLLC

Asha M. Creary, M.Ed, LPC, NCC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified School Counselor. She is the founder of Crave Counseling PLLC, where no matter your stage in life, what you’ve gone through or what you’re going through, the key to living an amazing and healthy life is built on a foundation of self-awareness, understanding and processing. She loves to help people along that journey.

Damien Robinson Counseling

Damien Robinson, LPC works to assist clients with healing and regaining hope. Navigating through depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or family issues can be tough but with the help of Damien Robinson Counseling we can develop tools that will allow you the opportunity to breathe again. By co-creating a space of safety, clients journey through and overcome emotional pain, grief, disappointment, and disconnection. Using various therapeutic interventions and mindfulness exercises, we will recreate emotional stability and bring back a sense of hope that has been missing.

Dr. Ebony Butler

Dr. Ebony Butler is passionate about helping women survivors thrive in trauma recovery and show up in their bodies and lives in ways that they can be proud of. She has helped clients work through a number of issues related to PTSD, depression, anxiety, identity, body image, and other stress responses. In her coaching business, Dr. Ebony is also a Food Relationship Expert and helps women learn how to build healthier relationships with food and their bodies through targeting ineffective behaviors, habits, and beliefs around food. 


Gbeda Acupuncture and Sound Medicine

Gbeda Acupuncture and Sound Medicine strives to naturally enhance your health and take care of your mind, body, and spirit. As a NCCAOM-certified professional acupuncturist, trained birth companion and certified Sound Therapist, Tonya Lyles, LAc can help you better your health no matter where you are in your journey! Together we will build a holistic plan to improve your quality of life and health through our services, birth to end-of-life.


ChosenEyes empowers through compassion and helps clients find ways to reach their fullest potential by way of spiritual commitment and enlightenment. With over 20 years of professional experience as a psychic-medium, ChosenEyes is committed to seeking truth, uncovering love and healing, and inspiring a boss-like mentality in all of her students and clients. Along with her passions in teaching, Leah Brock-White completed her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. 


Empower Family Chiropractic

Empower Family Chiropractic helps patients of all ages experience hope and healing through gentle, safe, effective chiropractic care. Dr. Jeannique Norbert is passionate about the importance of chiropractic care for the whole family and has completed her full, extensive specialty training in Pediatric care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and pursuing further research involvement to complete her remaining requirements for Board Certification in pediatric chiropractic care by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (C.A.C.C.P) in 2019. She currently holds special certificate training in the Webster Technique for pregnancy care, Activator technique, and Rocktape Fascial Movement Taping, Level 1.

Movement Practices

Lily Shepard Moves

Founded by Lily Shepard with the understanding that movement is key towards self-love and supreme self-acceptance. With all the competitiveness and body shaming in both the traditional dance world and the adult realm, it’s taken Ms. Shepard a lot of time to fully embrace my body and be compassionate to myself on my journey. She shares that same compassion and willingness to walk the journey with her clients as a way to empowerment, self-discovery, and self-expression.

Raina Gradford of Soulshine Yoga

@soulshineyogaatx ( )

Voted Austin’s Best Yoga Instructor two years in a row by Austin Fit Magazine. Raina has completed modules in various forms of yoga as part of her RYT 500 yoga teacher training. Currently teaching yoga at Lifetime Fitness, Apple and the 704 to name a few, Raina aims to provide the space and opportunity for students to reconnect with their personal power. She believes passionately that yoga is for everyone. Connect with her on social media @soulshineyogaatx.

Nutrition Services

Meal Proz

Offering healthy pre-packaged meals that are perfect for the on-the-go person who wants to eat clean and take the guesswork out of what to eat and how to portion. If you are looking for a quick meal on the go, or an entire week’s worth of healthy pre-packaged meals, Meal Proz is your one-stop shop. Our meals are primarily a delivery-based service that will deliver to your home or office, with pickup options in the Austin and Cedar Park area. Founded by Nicholas Noel, Meal Proz knows what it takes to get you to the next level, whether your goals are to get fitter, leaner, or healthier.

TFN Nutrition

Yvonne Graham of TFN Nutrition provides free health consultation, serves the most delicious smoothies in Austin, and stock all the best products for any of your health/ fitness goals.

Reset with K.

@resetwithk ( )

K. LaFleur-Anders is a mind-body coach and founder of Reset with K. Connect with her online via the handle @resetwithk

Holistic Health Services

Earnest Holistic Health

Dr. Blessing Anyatonwu D.C., M.S. is the founder of Earnest Holistic Health, a nutritional consulting practice that focuses on nutrition and digestive health. She helps clients improve their digestive health so they can have more energy, lose weight and have radiant skin. This allows her clients to show up with more confidence in their personal and professional life and live life on their terms. 

Dr. Blessing’s holistic approach also helps clients address whole food nutrition, setting clear boundaries, preventing burnout, stress management, work-life balance, reversing inflammation and weight management.


Lily Cabrera, MBA, RYT, a professional coach and writer with two decades of nonprofit management experience (primarily academic medicine–biomedical research, healthcare delivery systems and health promotion interventions, and public health policy). Motivated by the recognition that our lifestyle largely influences our state of wellness, she offers personalized coaching interventions and is also the Founder and CEO of WellMarkt, a website and social impact company connecting people with holistic and complementary health providers and networks in their local communities, and beyond.

Built for consumers and wellness providers searching for a match, wellmarkt offers subscriptions and services for therapists/mental health counselors, functional medicine doctors and integrative physicians, chiropractors, yoga therapists and teachers, TCMs and acupuncturists, nutritionists, coaches, massage therapists, and other holistic health and wellness providers to market to and connect with client/consumers.

For more, visit

Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenthood Services

Black Mamas ATX

A group of everyday women dedicated to an extraordinary movement to save the lives of Black mothers. The Black Mamas Community Collective’s goal is to reduce and ultimately eliminate the alarming maternal mortality and morbidity rates among Black women. Through programs, increased awareness, training, outreach and research, the Black Mamas Community Collective is leading the charge in Travis County to help Black mothers get the education and access to resources needed to have healthy pregnancies and birthing experiences. 

Gladiolus Doula

Raichal Reed is the founder of Gladiolus Doula, where she serves as a birth, bereavement, adoption, and postpartum companion. Education and trust are the pillars that form relationships with her clients, and we build a strong foundation together to continue a happy and healthy pregnancy. Her role in any birth is to make sure that not only are they safe and not experiencing trauma, but also to empower the birthing person in their journey into a new phase of life: parenthood.

Jelisa Fields


Full spectrum doula services to educate, empower, and advocate for a positive and healthy journey to and through birth.

Mamas on Bedrest and Beyond

Mamas On Bedrest

Designed with high-risk mamas in mind! Founder Darline Turner is a perinatal health expert who caters to older mamas, mamas of multiples, mamas who have undergone IVF or mamas with other conditions that require special attention and/or restricted activity during pregnancy. All of the services are provided by a certified doula, childbirth educator and lactation educator! Ms. Turner serves the local Greater Austin mamas in person and is available online for consultations for non-local mamas.

Darline Turner is also the founder of Healing Hands Community Doula Project which serves and supports childbearing black women in Central Texas with an enhanced perinatal care program utilizing full-spectrum black doulas — from conception through the first year of their child’s life.

Witchy Womb LLC

@witchywombllc ( )

Kendra Williams holds a Dipl OM. and is a lactation counselor, doula, yoniSteam practitioner, and water crafter. Her business Witchy Womb LLC can be found online with the handle @witchywombllc

Women’s Wellness

Living Beyond Bliss

Full-spectrum holistic female wellness services. Rayisha Beyond has been led by life experiences and the recognition of the power of energy and healing modalities to become a doula, Reiki Master, vaginal steam facilitator, and marriage officiant.  

Wellness Products

Black Butterfly Bath & Body

Offering their very own handmade natural products carefully blended with shea butter, authentic black soap, dead sea salts, aloe vera gel, amazing essential oils, awesome healing herbs, and more.  Our newly-launched aluminum-free deodorants, deet-free insect repellents and Gloshine natural lip balms are customer favorites.

Advocacy Groups

Austin Health Commons (AHC)

A nonprofit organization that cultivates root cause community healing (in part) through a process called Truth, Racial Healing, Transformation developed by Dr. Gail Christopher. Austin Health Commons shifts ownership of health back to communities and those of us who live in our communities.  This model was borrowed from the Food Commons and Commons Health, developed by Jamie Harvie. The organization will own Karisha Community’s prototype center in Central East Austin and will serve as a steward of Conscious Health Care, a new paradigm for health and healing.

Austin Wellness Collaborative is proud to support AHC with a sustaining monthly donation taken as a portion of it’s membership fees.

Community Advocacy and Healing Project

Community Advocacy Healing Project

The brainchild of Fatima Mann, JD. Fatima utilizes her law degree, yoga, and mindfulness practices to inspire others to love and accept themselves through cultivating various forms of experiences. 

Through mindful collaboration in the creation of policy, healing opportunities, and community restoration, the Community Advocacy and Healing Project has three interconnected audiences:

(1) systemically ostracized and oppressed people;

(2) people working within the system; and

(3) those vicariously impacted by either or both.

Wellness Centers

Blue Cypress School of Holism

A magical and educational center located in Wimberley, Texas. Through the layering of modalities, we practice going within to better understand ourselves and the world around us. We are “walking close to the Earth in the Texas Hill Country” in order to establish a deep sense of purpose and wholeness.