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Practitioners and Politics

Jenna Valentine, owner of Valentine Care

By Jenna Valentine

Jenna is the founder of Valentine Care in Austin, Texas where she uses Chinese Medicine to treat her patients using acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, and tuina.

Jenna has 1000s of hours of experience practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chengdu China, at the Veteran’s Administration, Austin Recovery Center, People’s Community Clinic, AOMA Clinic, Community Wellness Hours and in private settings.

We’re living in unprecedented times, and health and wellness professionals aren’t immune to the pressures of the political climate. As far as some practitioners are concerned, the position taken by your practice demonstrates your genuine care and concern for people affected by the fallout of the political climate. The theory is that in turn, this action will bring the right patients and clients.

The right patients find me. They feel safe in my care because they know where I stand. They can choose me as the right practitioner for them because I allow them to know me as a full human. The patients not suited for me won’t waste their time and can find the best person for them.

Jenna Valentine

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