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Frequently Asked Questions About Lower Back Pain

By Brandon O’Connor, MATm, RTSm

Fifteen years of professional experience led Brandon to create AMR’s unique Muscle Restoration System©, to help you recover from injuries, gain strength, and improve your life. He is a Muscle Restoration Specialist and one of only 20 or so people in the world who is a certified mastery specialist through both the Muscle Activation Techniques and the Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Programs. His mission is to prevent people from living with unnecessary pain and movement limitations. Brandon knows how to treat lower back pain.

I want to begin an exercise program to help my lower back pain. Where do I begin? 

There are many causes of low back pain. Among the most common is muscle weakness in the back, muscle weakness of the lower extremities, and herniated disks. 

Brandon O’Connor, MATm, RTSm

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