Emotional Eating In Isolation

By Evolve Therapy ATX At Evolve Therapy, you will experience a strengths-based approach to therapy, which acknowledges and capitalizes on the intelligent ways you manage and manifest your life. With identified areas of struggle, their therapists will collaboratively discover ways to further promote healing: feeling more creative, more self-assured, and teaching you to trust your […]

Sternum Connections Class

by Vivian Best Vivian Best is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM.  The Feldenkrais Method has given her relief from pain and has helped her to empower others to take better care of themselves.  She teaches self-aware self-care, and her compassionate guidance has helped instill a sense of pleasure in movement and bring vitality and ease to […]

PATRIARCHY This Week By a Texas Woman of Color

BY River Roaring from Uncage Love River spent over 20 years as a trial attorney and lobbyist who owned her own law office by the courthouse. She walked away at the height of her career to fulfill her mission to support healthy sexuality and relationship. She co-organizes a meetup that has over 3000 members, facilitates […]

Grounding Your Body to the Safety of Right Here Right Now

By Flourish Psychotherapy & Nutrition Flourish Psychotherapy and Nutrition, LLC was formed to create a mindfulness-based services business for the curious, holistic, and eclectic Austin, Texas community.  We serve all individuals over the age of 18 years including the BIPOC, LGTBQ+ and Latinx communities. Flourish! values inclusivity and we provide judgment-free space for all to […]

On Burnout, Waiting, and Wonder

By Julia Aziz, LCSW-S. Holistic Psychotherapist Julia has over 20 years of counseling experience and specializes in helping women who do a lot of caregiving professionally and/or at home, who are moving through their own big life transitions and personal stress. Julia Aziz is the owner of a private practice that integrates psychotherapy, writing, meditation, […]