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Grounding Your Body to the Safety of Right Here Right Now : Mindful Psychotherapy & Nutrition

By Flourish Psychotherapy & Nutrition

Flourish Psychotherapy and Nutrition, LLC was formed to create a mindfulness-based services business for the curious, holistic, and eclectic Austin, Texas community.  We serve all individuals over the age of 18 years including the BIPOC, LGTBQ+ and Latinx communities. Flourish! values inclusivity and we provide judgment-free space for all to ensure you feel safe, heard, and seen.

Flourish! holds mindful wellness at the center of our psychotherapy and nutrition services. We acknowledge that the ability to be in the present moment is key to establishing well-being but getting there usually requires a wide breadth of guidance and facilitation. Our supportive and affordable offerings for mindful wellness include counseling, integrative and nutritional medicine consultations, mindfulness skill development classes, nutritional group classes, and more.

Grounding and Centering

Learn more about how you can ground yourself, right here, and right now by clicking on the blog post below.