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How Are Yall Doing?

By Nicole Fillion-Robin, LAc, MAcOM, Dipl. OM

Acupuncturist and owner of As Your Are Acupuncture, Nicole Fillion-Robin (LAc, MAcOM, Dipl. OM) is a solution-focused practitioner who believes in meeting patients where they are and helping them live as they aspire to. After working in the non-profit sector for almost a decade, she found acupuncture as a solution for her own chronic health problems and was immediately drawn to it. Her specialties include gastrointestinal healthhospicewomen’s health, and pain management.

It’s been a different kind of year, and Nicole explains how humans are not meant to isolate themselves for over a year. She explains that we are by nature social creatures, many of whom receive love in the form of touch and hugs from friends and family.

If you need some support, she has a new offering for those who may not be able to access acupuncture at the full price that can be booked here:  Accessible and affordable care 

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