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My DPC Story: Ep. 23 – DirectMed

"My DPC Story", Episode 23 with Dr. Katriny Ikbal and Neer Patel of DirectMed

“My DPC Story” is a podcast about Direct Primary Care

Ever wondered if there was an alternative to traditional health insurance? Well there is! & many practitioners offer some sort of direct pay service … which can actually save money and result in better care!

The “My DPC Story” podcast is hosted by Maryal Concepcion, MD, a board-certified family medicine physician in Arnold, California.

Maryal interviews people at different stages of Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Direct Care to bring awareness and help people connect to “the future of medicine“.

In this episode she talks with Dr. Katriny Ikbal & Neer Patel of DirectMed

Check it out on the podcast site, and learn more about “My DPC Story” there!

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