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Essence into Form – The Magic and Power of the Triangle of Manifestation

Richard Powell in Nature

By Richard Powell

Richard L. Powell earned a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica along with a Doctorate degree in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy. He has been a board member of the University of Santa Monica since 2007 and facilitated numerous workshops and seminars. Powell is passionate about guiding his clients to experience empowerment from a place of accountability, using tools such as self forgiveness, self-awareness and gratitude. 

Powell, shares his insight on co-creating a life of readiness. A readiness to take hold of one’s own direction after suffering a huge loss. Going from being a successful businessman, father, and husband to living in a friend’s garage, Richard realized that he was to blame for living his worst scenario. He had to break the illusion he had been defining himself for so long. It was time to manifest a new scenario.

In a word-inspired

Richard’s conversational writing style makes you feel like you’re listening to stories from a dear friend. He takes the intangible and transforms it into practical spirituality that is accessible to all. The concepts he presents here have altered the course of my life. ​

Michelle Moskauski, Reiki Master

Influenced by a spiritual teacher dreamt about 25 years earlier and exploring his own practice throughout his lifetime, Powell narrates personal stories that highlight the opportunities given to him to “just be in the moment and move to the next.

Brilliant. Brought tears to my eyes, joy to my heart, and wisdom to my soul. So grateful for this book.

Eyren Powell, Brooklyn, New York

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