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UltraPersonal Healthcare expands to Dripping Springs!

UltraPersonal Healthcare, Direct Primary Care Clinic in Austin Texas.

Great news for Dripping Springs!

The best way to get personalized healthcare is direct primary care* and on May 16th people in and around Dripping Springs TX will have closer access to holistic primary care from UltraPersonal Healthcare clinic!

*keep reading to learn more about direct primary care.

The new Dripping Springs location is at:

4207 E. Highway 290 Suite 103
Dripping Springs TX 78620

(link opens in Google maps)

More about UltraPersonal Healthcare

UltraPersonal Healthcare is a membership-based, direct primary care clinic with a team of Family Practice specialists:

UltraPersonal Healthcare cares for people of “all ages and stages of life“ utilizing a root-cause philosophy to optimize wellness, reverse chronic disease, and treat routine illness and injury. From infants to grandparents, UltraPersonal Healthcare is just a call, text, or visit away for the entire family.

Learn more about them and sign up on their clinic website:

Don’t delay, memberships are limited!

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a better way to get healthcare. It eliminates the middle man, and creates a direct relationship between patient and provider. This means your provider can actually spend time with you and provide truly personalized care.

“Direct” means that you deal directly with your primary care providers and only pay for what you need. This leads to many benefits, including:

  • Freedom of treatments
    • your provider decides what’s best based on your health story, not some insurance company.
  • Lower costs
    • without the overhead of insurance, you actually save with wholesale prices for many services.
  • Relationship-based care
    • direct primary care providers spend more time with their patients and build relationships with them.
      • this leads to better and more compassionate healthcare
    • you deserve to be heard – share your health story

Visit to learn more about their memberships.