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Finding an Art Therapist in Austin

by Megan VanMeter, MA, LPC-AT/S, ATR-BC

Megan VanMeter, Online Art Therapy for Burnout Treatment

Megan is a board-certified registered art therapist and Texas licensed professional counselor with an art therapy specialization, who first began offering support to helping professionals struggling with burnout in 2013. In 2021, she established a full-time private practice to fill the void among clinicians who are prepared to treat burnout.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is one of psychotherapy’s original embodied and experiential professions, and it recruits a person’s eyes and hands (visual perception and somatosensory processing) to rouse and engage creative mental activity at physical, emotional, and intellectual levels.  The end result is an integrated you, as your nervous system learns to achieve harmony and flow between your inner world and the world around you.

How to find an Art Therapist

In Megan’s recent article she talks more about how to go about finding an art therapist in Austin. The information will be helpful if you’re outside Texas too though.

Wherever you are, when you get help from an Art Therapist you should make sure that they’re licensed!

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