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“Weight a Minute” Podcast by Path Nutrition

"Weight a minute!" podcast with Path Nutrition's Beth Barnett-Boebel and Jessica Pearson.

Jessica Pearson & Beth Barnett-Boebel of Path Nutrition present the “Weight a Minute” podcast. Jessica is a Certified Body Image & Weight Loss Coach and Beth is an Integrative Nutrition Therapist.

The “Weight a Minute” podcast covers topics in nutrition and health. It brings levity to the profound conversations about body image, diet culture, and more. Their mission is “to get you on a path to loving yourself, your food, and your life.

Episode #28 Beth’s Body Image Journey

On this recent episode, listen to Beth’s story as she discusses her journey with Jessica. Like many others, Beth has struggled during the pandemic with not-so-desirable habits like eating unhealthy foods and less body movement. She realized it was affecting her mental wellness and describes the process she went through of “rewriting an old wave of thoughts and action patterns.