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Full Moon in Libra: Healing through Connection

Modern Astrology & Life Strategy by Stacy Quast

Stacy Quast is an Intuitive Archetypal Astrologer, Life Strategist and Transformational Facilitator. She is fiercely committed to guiding people to live a more conscious and connected life of feeling worthy, present and liberated.

Stacy blends classic mystical wisdom with modern perspectives to help people find their authentic selves and their confidence.

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Full Moon in Libra: Healing Through Connection

In today’s Cosmic Weather, April 5th 2023, Stacy analyzes astrological archetypes and how we can use them for new understandings.

This lunation illuminates our emotional wounds, which serve as the impetus for realizing our gifts and reclaiming more of who we are. We open to a new understanding and a more profound sense of peace through open, honest conversations. If we are willing to face the vulnerable parts of ourselves which we try to hide, we can access the healing medicine we need most.

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