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Meet Dr. Ashley Maltz: CanvasRebel Interview

Ashley Maltz, MD. Photo by

Austin Wellness Collaborative’s founder, Dr. Ashley Maltz, was recently interviewed by about her entrepreneurship and her work as an integrative medical doctor.

In this interview Dr. Maltz recalls defining memories from early in her medical career that led her to where she is today and how she helps her patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

Every morning as I was rounding on my assigned patients in the hospital, I would watch as their breakfasts arrived. I would check the meals out and wonder how the food going in to their mouths was affecting their disease states. […] I’d ask myself if [these meals were] really okay….

Dr. Ashley Maltz,

Dr. Maltz practices in downtown Austin at West Holistic Medicine and loves empowering her patients to heal. In her spare time, she enjoys connecting like-minded individuals, practicing yoga, hiking and dancing with friends.

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