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Meal Prep: A Beginner’s Guide E-book

Meal Prep… What? Like It’s Hard?

A beginner’s guide to cooking easy & nutrient-dense meals

By Monique Karabach,

Monique is a private chef, first time mom, and content creator living in Austin, TX. She started her blog and her business out of a zeal for all things food related in Austin. She creates original recipes, custom meal prep for clients as well as guides and reviews of eateries both local and beyond. She’s published in a book about food blogging, featured in the Austin American Statesman, and has over 12K following on Instagram. Monique lives happily in East Austin with her husband, daughter and tripod dog.

Monique Kabarach, Private Chef & Food Blogger in Austin, TX

About Monique’s Meal Prep E-book

Meal prep beginners, aficionados and those in between: I’ve carefully and meticulously made this meal prep e-book for you to make your meal prep efforts successful! It includes 31 pages of original recipes, detailed grocery lists, a meal prep schedule, loads of notes to make your life easier, and more!

This isn’t your average cook book. You will find unique, bold recipes like Lamb Kofte, Green Curry Chicken, and Aloo Tikki – just to name a few. Almost every dish is gluten free and dairy free or can easily be modified! I’m not compromising on flavor but I am capitalizing on nutrient-dense ingredients. And each recipe is under 30 minutes!

I’ve put my creative culinary expertise into each recipe, and these are dishes that are requested by both clients and family alike. You will be successful with your meal plan endeavors with this e-book, and it will be useful for years to come.

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