Katriny Ikbal, DO

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Family Medicine Physician, & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Owner of DirectMed by Dr. Katriny Ikbal

Dr. Katriny Ikbal is a board certified family physician with a passion for patient care. She is a graduate of UT-Austin with a B.S. in Nutrition, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, and UT Southwestern Austin Family Medicine Residency program. Dr. Ikbal is currently training with the Institute for Functional Medicine and plans to become certified in the near future.

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Veronica Pike, APRN, FNP:
Veronica sees her role as a guide and advocate, listening attentively to her patients’ health concerns and conveying information in a clear, approachable manner.

Christine Blanchard APRN, FNP
Christine has a passion for health and wellness with a focus on whole-person healing. Trusting that you know your body best, she actively listens to your concerns and past health experiences.

Omar Akhter, M.D.

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Primary Care Physician @ Madina Medicine

I completed an Internal Medicine residency in New York City and then moved to New Jersey to work in a large hospital system. Working in that system made it clear to me that I was not able to have the impact I desired and instead wanted to work with patients in a more meaningful and holistic way. That is why when I moved to Austin, I started a Direct Primary Care practice. The DPC practice model does not bill any third parties, instead for one fixed, low monthly fee patients have access to unlimited Primary Care and access to their doctor. This is personalized medicine at its finest. My practice philosophy involves treating each patient holistically using as many lifestyle changes as possible to try and improve or even reverse their chronic illnesses. I look forward to interacting with more and more people from this wonderful community.