Albert Arthur, MD

Affordable Direct Primary Care Family Doctor No Insurance Primary Care

Founder and Family Physician @ Arthur Direct Care

Family Medicine / Primary Care

Dr. Arthur is a board certified Family Medicine Physician and the Co- founder of Arthur Direct Care with a passion to provide affordable high-quality primary care to the communities in Round Rock and surrounding areas.

Darshan Shah, MD

Family Doctor Holistic Integrative Mind-Body Yoga

Darshan Shah, MD, MBA, ABFM, ABIHM

Darshan Shah, MD, is a father, Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, entrepreneur, and Board Certified Family Physician who practices Integrative and Holistic Medicine in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Juli La Rocca

Family Doctor Family Medicine Integrative Medicine

Juli is a Family Physician by trade and an Unbreakable Single Mom by passion.

She is the founder of Unbreakable Moms – an online business empowering single mothers to take control of their lives.