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Mantras of Bad B-tches

Introducing Jenna Valentine’s Book: Mantras of Bad B*tches! Dr. Jenna Valentine is one of Austin’s Acupuncturists and Wellness practitioners helping people live healthier lives. Jenna offers acupuncture, cupping therapy and TuiNA body work services to help her patients reach their healing goals. She also utilizes her psychology background and training to provide in-depth intimacy coaching […]

Walk & Talk with Dr Julia Afridi

This Sunday October 2nd! **A special event from our founder’s clinic West Holistic Medicine: Come meet our new doctor in a friendly, relaxed environment. Bring your family, kids and pets. Enjoy nature and walking together while getting to know each other. Event Details: Sunday, October 2nd @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am In front of […]

Light up the Couch #152 with Julia Aziz

Julia Aziz joins the ‘Light up the Couch’ Podcast for Episode #152 Julia Aziz, LCSW-S, is a holistic psychotherapist who specializes in helping Women who do a lot of caregiving professionally and/or at home, who are moving through their own big life transitions and personal stress. Earlier this year Julia joined Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Irias for […]

“Weight a Minute” Podcast by Path Nutrition

Jessica Pearson & Beth Barnett-Boebel of Path Nutrition present the “Weight a Minute” podcast. Jessica is a Certified Body Image & Weight Loss Coach and Beth is an Integrative Nutrition Therapist. The “Weight a Minute” podcast covers topics in nutrition and health. It brings levity to the profound conversations about body image, diet culture, and […]