2018 AWC Wrap-Up

My, oh my, what an interesting year 2018 has been! In many ways, 2018 has been both an extremely fun and growth-filled year and also a difficult, tumultuous time. For me, and likely many of you, there were days of feeling triumphant and powerful, followed by days of feeling lost, scared and anxious. Like many […]

Why You Need A Patient Advocate

Candace Wenham, MS, BCPA By Candace Wenham, owner of AdvocATX.com A Patient Advocate is a medical consultant who can do many things, including finding a great doctor/holistic practitioner, researching and providing you with treatment options, overturning medical insurance denials, communicating with medical staff as your voice, accompanying you to appointments, providing you with questions to […]

22-Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

By Colleen Flynn Shorter days are upon us and the time to hunker down and cuddle up in cooler weather is here. With the onset of early darkness comes the opportunity to focus on getting more satisfying and rejuvenating sleep. As a recovered insomniac I understand how debilitating it is to miss out on a […]

What Is Intimacy Coaching?

We all know we need to practice if we want to get good at something. And, yet, we rarely have the opportunity to consciously practice and learn intimacy skills. As kids, we absorb the patterns of our parents; as teens we fumble alongside our peers; as adults, we fake it thinking that we should already know what we are doing.