Spiritual Director, LCSW, Reiki practitioner @ Eye of the Heart

Specialty: anxiety, trauma, spirituality, relationships

In counseling her clients, Alisa’s desire is to facilitate transformation, healing, and growth toward wholeness. She encourages, and often challenges, her clients to discover and listen to all aspects of self, enabling more genuine expression and healthier relationships. Alisa is able to create a physical and emotional space that is warm, accepting, and non-judgmental for this work to occur. Using her gifts of compassion and intuition, she facilitates the client’s healing and growth process.

In living her own life, Alisa practices the same philosophies she shares with her clients. She loves animals and nature, and she enjoys trail hiking. Her dog, Booker, is an integral part of the work of Eye of the Heart!! Alisa writes a blog, and has written several poetry pieces. She creates art from broken pieces of tile, pottery, and rock – what we call “”mosaic.”” She is currently working on a lotus flower in her shower. She leads a contemplative lifestyle, with a focus on prayer/meditation, relationship, and creativity.

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Alisa Carr