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Hi there! I’m Amanda and I am at my highest energy when I am making a difference in other’s lives. My coaching focus is on the connection of the mind and body and helping those who want to level up and build routines and habits that will lead to success. I will guide you out of stress and overwhelm into an actionable plan so you can live your best life using a holistic approach.

Working in the administration branch of the healthcare field since 2000 I have had the honor of meeting some amazing people who are attempting to manage a lifelong illness or debilitating conditions with medication. I have also lost loved ones due to medical conditions that could have been avoided had they been guided.

Building healthy connections is so important for your overall mental and physical well-being, no matter if that connection is to family, friends, or nutrition.

My personal experience has provided me the knowledge of what it takes to realign and release anything that is no longer serving you. Learning these amazing skills will lay the foundation for success in all areas of your life.

I’m excited to be a part of this wonderful group of healers and look forward to connecting.

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Amanda White: Certified Personal Development Coach @ Amanda White Coaching LLC
Amanda White