Performance Coach And Wellness Practitioner

­Ann-Kristin Allen brings four decades of experience and passion for athletics to her fun, unique coaching and wellness practice.

Today she is a noted expert in the correlation of body mechanics to golf.

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Consistently striving to learn from the best, A-K has studied under luminaries like Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Gary Player, Ilaria Cavagna, Katherine Roberts, and Dr. Craig Rose and Dave Phillips of the Titleist Performance Institute.

Currently, she’s receiving ongoing training with two vital mentors: Dr. Guy Voyer, creator of the SomaTraining/SomaTherapy/ELDOA™ program and the brilliant “exercise as therapy” concept, and Garret Kramer, founder of Inner Sports, who urges his pro-athlete clients to “Keep going. Keep being you!” This has powerful resonance in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Boldly rejecting the false paradigm of “future betterness,” it is relevant for anyone who mistakenly assumes they need fundamental change in order to be healthier, perform better, or achieve more.

Her clients benefit quickly as she elicits their conviction that pain never has to be the stopping force in their lives.

She looks forward to sharing her expertise with individuals, organizations, country clubs, and corporations.

A-K’s home base is the Studio Bella Spa in Austin, Texas.

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Ann Kristin Allen
Ann-Kristin Allen