Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

I was born and raised in Argentina. There, patients call doctors by their first name and the interaction is strictly between physician and patient. As I went through medical school, I realized my childhood encounters with my doctor shaped me as a future physician.

I have a passion for family medicine because I have developed an understanding for patient advocacy and I believe improving patient quality of care is an integral part of family medicine. Medicine intertwines my passion for medically caring for people with my passion for the arts.

In 2003, a year after moving to the United States, I began taking belly dancing lessons in Miami. With dedication, my progress was speedy. On my first show, two years after being introduced to belly dancing, I danced with the sword and veil. Soon thereafter, I learned to dance with the candelabrum, cane, and cymbals. To reward my self-discipline, my instructor gave me her own sword and cane as presents. I have been teaching belly dancing since and even have an upcoming workshop, possibly in August. My artistic side helps me remain human.

I believe practicing medicine is not just about knowing human physiology, but also about applying interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to help people heal emotionally as well as physically.

I am a published Kindle writer, with another book in the works. I also crossfit 5 times per week and practice yoga twice weekly. I love hiking and paddleboarding. My dog, Shaggy, enjoys the latter two as well.

My medical practice focuses on osteopathic manipulative medicine as well as natural supplementation to a balanced diet. Since getting my eat to perform nutrition certification, I have also started counseling patients on weight loss through macro-nutrient counting or intuitive eating.

I have an energy, sports, and nutrition supplements business, as well as a blog for recipes for busy people (among other things).

You can read the blog at

I am a self-proclaimed “jack of all trades” and believe in the intrinsic healing abilities of the body to help my patients thrive.

“The object of a physician is to find health; anyone can find disease” – A.T. Still

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