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Brad Swail is a fitness and wellness enthusiast. The son of a visionary entrepreneur and an innovative educator, Brad grew up in a household that valued teaching, serving others, and spotting opportunities for improvement.

After graduating from The University of Texas, Brad pursued his own entrepreneurial path, starting multiple businesses, including a functional movement and personal training business where he worked with elite athletes, average Joes, and many with pain or disabilities.

Brad wants to help people. As a lifelong fitness and wellness devotee and expert, this native Austinite has experimented with every diet/supplement/protocol/training regimen out there. Hacking his own wellness has transformed him into a better version of himself, but when his second son was born with a rare chromosome 8 abnormality, he realized how privileged he was to have the knowledge and access to wellness practitioners, naturopathic doctors, and quality supplements. This inspired him to try to bring this access to the masses.

With nearly 18 years of pursuing his best health, and helping others find theirs, Brad is most interested in the effects of diet, exercise, and sleep on people, as well as the impact of gene editing and stem cells on transforming human health and healing diseases labeled as incurable. Brad believes that through proper care and feeding of the human body and mind, radical transformations are possible.

Using his knowledge of cutting-edge wellness practices on The Cultivate Wellness Podcast, Brad interviews industry leaders to bring you the knowledge of how to take control of your wellness and perform at the level you were meant to.

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