Dana N Sayre is a Registered Drama Therapist through the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA). They also currently hold the title of Assistant Director of Psychodrama from Centerwood Institute. Dana has a MA in Performance Studies from Texas A&M University.

Dana is queer and non-binary (they/them/their) and able to provide LGBTQIA+, polyamory / non-monogamy, and BDSM / kink-affirming services. Dana has lived experience as neurodivergent (Autistic / ADHD / 2e / complex PTSD).

Dana is passionate about helping marginalized individuals work through internalized oppression and use the arts to find creative ways of coping with minority stress. Dana also has expertise in compassion fatigue/burnout and is passionate about supporting healing providers in building their own wellness practices.

More on Drama Therapy

Drama therapy is the intentional use of theatrical and dramatic techniques to reach therapeutic goals.

It can take many forms depending on individual and group needs, skill and ability levels, interests, and therapeutic goals. It may include improvisation, drama games, storytelling, metaphor, enactment or role play, movement and gesture, performance, or ritual.

Drama therapists may also incorporate elements of visual art, music, poetry, or dance. Drama therapy is influenced by drama, theatre, psychology, anthropology, play, and other creative processes. Drama therapy is not psychotherapy.

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Dana Sayre, MA, RDT : Registered Drama Therapist
Dana Sayre