Sound Healing with Danielle

Often times energy in our bodies gets blocked or clogged from feelings like stress, anxiety, depression and anger. The vibrations gongs emit can clear energetic blocks within the body while the crystal bowls, tuned at 432 Hz, help retune energy within the

A couple years ago, Danielle attended a sound bath on a whim, and felt so profoundly good afterwards she started attending weekly.

Fast forward to several months later, she noticed how feeling good, that often, positively impacted the landscape of her perceived reality.

Everything just felt BETTER.

Desiring to share what she had been given, she decided the time had come to train as a sound healer and share the gifts she had been given. Danielle feels incredibly lucky to have accidentally fallen on this path. Holding space and co-creating conscious community is truly her passion.

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Danielle Goldfarb, Sound Healer.
Danielle Goldfarb