Darshan Shah, MD, MBA, ABFM, ABIHM

Darshan Shah, MD, is a father, Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, entrepreneur, and Board Certified Family Physician who practices Integrative and Holistic Medicine in Austin, Texas.  Aside from being a diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine he is also certified in Mind-Body Medicine through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.  While in residency training in Dallas, he began practicing Ashtanga Yoga at the T Boone Pickens YMCA, under the tutelage of his wife.  Very quickly, he noticed how this helped him reduce his background anxiety level and improve his response to emotional and physical stress.  This catalyzed exploration into nonpharmacological treatment for conditions like anxiety, depression and stress.  Darshan has since found a very effective, evidence-based model through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) and shares the techniques he has learned in one-on-one, and group settings. In his personal life, the Mind-Body Skills he has developed have significantly improved his ability to be present and enjoy life, with the side effect of keeping him more healthy and happy. He believes that stress is the most important risk factor for chronic disease that we can do something about in our lives, and developing skills to reduce stress is the most important medicine we can give ourselves today.

In his private practice, Whole Health Austin, Darshan teaches patients Mind-Body Medicine techniques that increase their self-awareness and improve their response to stress.  Much of the joy he derives from his practice comes from empowering people to realize, for themselves, the beautiful innate capacity of the human body to heal and be whole.

Creativity is another important aspect of his practice style.  At times, he facilitates healing using nonpharmacologic approaches such as Low Level Light Therapy using the BioFlex Laser System.  Other times, he employs supplements, herbs, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  Though dietary and lifestyle changes are a mainstay of Dr. Shah’s practice, he does not shy away from technologically advanced treatments.  For example, he provides physiologic insulin infusion treatments for those with Type I and Type II Diabetes that help rapidly restore sensitivity to insulin.  Ultimately, the path chosen is patient directed and physician guided, integrating emotional, spiritual, and physical healing modalities.

Often overlooked, cultivating community is fundamental in eliminating isolation–isolation being a large contributor to stress and maladaptive behaviors.  Along these lines, Darshan collaborates with his wife, Priya Jhawar, who runs Ashtanga Yoga Austin, to create a community focused around self-awareness, wellbeing and resilience.  He also co-chairs Integrative Providers of Austin, a group that brings together physicians who are practicing Integrative and Holistic Medicine in the local area.

Lastly, with respect to his entrepreneurial adventures, Darshan is privileged to be involved in some very enjoyable ventures that align with his ideas on wellness, including the climbing gym Austin Bouldering Project (austinboulderingproject.com) and the Functional Energy Bar company, Crafted Energy (www.craftedenergy.com).

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Darshan Shah, MD
Darshan Shah, MD