Dave Braham founded Sound Mind Austin to provide a psycho-therapeutic resource to guide the clients journey toward healthy relationships, sound minds, and peak on-stage performances. His primary clinical focus integrates issues related to peak performance, trauma, healing, gender violence, positive masculinity, and a drive to bridge the muse of music and mental health.

Dave is a trauma-informed licensed clinical psychotherapist (MS, LMFT-S, TX #291392) and utilizes techniques to deepen somatic comfort and strengthen mindfulness. These practices, alongside advanced applications in EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis, Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, and Somatic Sound Therapy, hold the power to strengthen progress, grow comfort, and heal trauma.

Authenticity, compassion, and respect are fundamental to his interactions with clients. Dave is dedicated to empowering systems, families, couples, and individuals to strengthen relationships, resolve troubling issues, achieve personal well-being, and peak their performance goals.

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David L. Braham MS, LMFT-S