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Healing from anxiety and grief after a loss

When Denise’s son Cory died in 2014, she experienced a powerful awakening that catapulted her into a miraculous journey of LOVE. Since his passing, she has published ten books- the most recent book is “Creating A New Earth: Waking Up To Who We Are” (link to She has traveled extensively, created lots of art, shared daily inspiration, hosted numerous events, walked hundreds of miles, and she’s done it all without being BUSY. Her experience with grief has brought her home to herself, which is the LOVE that we are. She realizes the very reason Cory and she came here is to shift human consciousness and create a new earth by embodying unconditional LOVE. These days she has a Life Guide business where she heals anxiety and sadness in people after a loss and shows them how to create new lives of PEACE, LOVE and JOY.

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Denise Roussel

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