Wellness Facilitator – Reiki Master – Event Producer

Specialty: Life Transitions

As a lifelong learner with over four decades of facilitating wellness – individually or via events, I provide the awareness you need to clear the clutter, and identify ways to take deliberate action towards your purpose.

If you’re looking for the traditional ‘healer’ type, that’s not who I am… even though I have been trained in a few traditional and spiritual healing modalities.

If you’re looking for the wise woman in the woods who can cut through the nonsense and guide you across the bridge, I’m absolutely the resource you can depend on!

With every event experience, or individual consultation, we move deeply. We laugh heartily. We play as much as hold space for the shadows. Together, we’ll make the experience memorable!

You can always count on me to be honest as much as loving, valuing diversity, collaboration, and your right to choose how to do you.

Sacred Space Events also produces and hosts educational, and celebratory, wellness-focused events, grounded in the deeper healing energetic while keeping the ‘fun’ in function!

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