Owner/Medical Director @ Integrative and Precision Medicine PLLC

Integrative and Precision Medicine with a focus on Longevity and Performance

Dr Harding graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook with a B.S. in Pharamcology. He then attended Osteopathic Medical School at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. He went on to complete a 4 year Emergency Medicine Residency at Leigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

In his late thirties, after desiring better health and knowledge of optimizing health, he completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona under Dr. Andrew Weil. He further studied Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine, Peptide Certification through A4M, Age Management Medicine through Cenegenics, and Genetics/Epigenetics through the Apeiron Academy.

Dr. Harding has developed an obsession with longevity and health optimization. He utilizes peptides for improving body composition, cognitive performance, sleep, and repair of injuries. Hormone optimization and Lifestyle Medicine plays an integral part of his medical practice. He founded Integrative and Precision Medicine PLLC that provides Medical Services to Men and Women looking to increase vitality and slow the aging process in Austin, Texas.

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Dr. Bob Harding. Integrative and Precision Medicine Doctor.
Dr. Bob Harding