Dr. Candace Bruno attended Temple University School of Dentistry and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2010. She went directly from dental school to working in private practice offices and a public health clinic in Harlingen, TX from 2010-2015. In 2011 she began attending advanced continuing education courses with world-renowned Spear Education to fine-tune her dental skills.

Dr. Bruno has taken hundreds of hours of Continuing Education that emphasize treating the mouth as a whole instead of on a tooth by tooth basis. Dr. Bruno will look at your teeth for cavities and check for healthy gums and bone. However, Dr. Bruno’s passion is holistic dentistry. She loves to help her patients find the best quality of life and health possible. She has been trained to evaluate every system involved with the oral cavity: the teeth, the gums, the bone, the joints, and the airway. She believes that in order to treat a patient appropriately, all systems involved need to be taken into consideration. Only after having a clear view of all the systems involved and the personal desires of each patient can one fully formulate a treatment plan that would be best for each patient.

Dr. Bruno fills her time outside the office enjoying life with her twins Mason and Olivia. When she’s not doing dentistry or learning about dentistry, she enjoys being outside hiking, biking, doing yoga, and staying active. Dr. Bruno was an avid traveler before becoming a mother and has journeyed to places far and wide

Dr. Bruno’s practice also offers service in Spanish.

Learn more about holistic dentistry here: brunodentistry.com/holistic-dentistry.html

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Bruno Integrative Dentistry by Dr. Candace Bruno