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I’m an expert in helping people live the lives that they were made for. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a billion dollar corporation or a stay-at-home mom. When that deep inner voice just won’t shut up and you can’t ignore it any longer, I’m your man.

As a Transformative Coach and speaker, I’ve been helping executives and high performers create powerful results in the world while maintaining balance of Body, Mind & Spirit for nearly three decades.

Often times we can get so caught up in striving for outcomes and goals that we lose ourselves in the process. Ultimately, the achievements that we thought would make us happy provide fleeting satisfaction at best. As a result, we may become even more driven, cynical, overwhelmed, depressed or any combination of the above. This inevitably leads to breakdowns in our health, relationships, productivity or general well-being.

My job is to help you to remember Who You Really Are, beyond ego-driven striving and seeking. To remember that your true nature is peace, love, clarity and happiness. To experience even a glimpse of this (note the term, “experience”, not “intellectually understand”) can change your life.

Does it feel like you’ve lost your way somewhere?

Have you succeeded in one area of life only to find another area in breakdown? is your business thriving at the expense of your relationships? Your health? Your well-being?

Are you sick or in pain, stressed out, anxious, depressed or not living up to your own high standards?

Trying to “push through” this situation is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic!

My background includes a variety of training and experiences that led me to this profession. I have degrees in psychology and chiropractic. I’ve studied human transformation with some of (literally) the most brilliant minds in the world. I’ve trained in martial arts for 40 years. I even performed in an Off-Broadway comedy troupe for a while. I’ve also been picked on as a kid, declared bankruptcy and been divorced. You can never tell which life experiences will produce the greatest gifts unless you stay in the game.

My work is about supporting you to live an Energy Rich Life: A life of productivity, vitality, peace, clarity and happiness. We’ll identify outcomes that you define as critical to your Amazing Life and achieve them by freeing up the resources and teaching you the skills to use those resources most effectively. Ultimately, you’ll learn to create success as a function of your true nature.

How this happens
It happens in conversation. You speak. I listen. I give precise feedback. And miracles happen. Your mind begins to get quieter. Even the space in the room seems to become more peaceful. And in that space you will tap into wisdom in a way that you never have before. New perspectives to old problems arise effortlessly.

Basically, my work is divided into two pillars:

  1. True Nature. This is the foundation. Knowing Who You Really Are allows you to play full out in the world without trying to find happiness in your accomplishments. Peace, clarity and happiness become intrinsic to your experience of life.
  2. Mastery. When we don’t need to find happiness in our accomplishments, life becomes a game. Mastery is about mastering the unseen forces the shape our lives. We’ll dive deeply into creating a profound understanding of these forces, including Energetic Intelligence (EI), the Triad of Change and the Technology of Effortlessness. The point is learning to play your game in life with more grace and ease then ever before.

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Dr. Fred Blum