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Helping weird people recover from painful experiences

So often we can disconnect from our lives, or turn against ourselves in disgust and hatred. I know, I did too. I found my way back to my self and can’t wait to help you build a life that feels authentic, vital, and meaningful. Clients who come to me tend to be people who feel different, who are a bit weird, who were told by their family that they were “too sensitive” or who were the truth-tellers. Veterans, pagans, polyamorous people, transgender people, people in the kink/BDSM community, artists, creatives, writers–your weird is welcome here! (Note, I DO NOT accept insurance. I offer a sliding scale, see website for details.)

I have spent over a decade helping civilians and veterans build new lives after trauma, including narcissistic abuse. My clients are often the scapegoats in their abusive families, or are grieving a loss of some kind. I’ve also provided gender therapy to transgender and nonbinary/genderqueer/fluid clients in various stages of transition since 2003.

Wondering if we’ll be a good fit? My website’s a good example of my style, so start there. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques from psychology, yoga, energy work, and other healing modalities to create a plan that’s unique to your needs and style. You can save time avoiding phone tag by scheduling online or emailing me through my site. I know you’re busy and that adulting is hard. I’m here to help, whether you’re recovering from narcissistic abuse, figuring out your identity, or just want to be better at life.

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