Dude is a lifelong health and wellness enthusiast and amateur athlete.  Before a brief cross country season in college, Dude was a 2x state champion in the mile, the two mile, and the mile relay. After his first marathon, Dude became interested in Ultramarathons and his endurance career peaked in 2006 when he ran 16 ultramarathons in one year.  Dude has also done some fairly extreme self-supported distance challenges, including two double crossings of the grand canyon, and a 143 mile 3 day adventure in the High Sierra in California. He has also summited the 3rd highest peak in North America, and many smaller mountains.

Like many people in today’s society, by mid-life Dude found himself drifting away from being active as the pursuits of career and family consumed so much time and attention.  By 2012, Dude was 50 lbs overweight with aches and pains all over, culminating in a back injury that left him debilitated on the floor, unable to move.

The injured back was a wake up call that led Dude on a personal journey back to health and wellness. He lost 50 lbs, started running again, placed 3rd in the Speedgolf World Championships, and earned a Health Coaching certification from the Primal Health Coach Institute.

Dude now coaches people how to regain their health after a lifetime of office work and modern lifestyle that keeps us sedentary, indoors, and eating processed foods.  Dude has made the journey himself and has tremendous passion for people who find it difficult to extract themselves from the modern traps that keep us unhealthy. His mission is to find these people and guide them back to health and vitality.

Dude has been on several podcasts, which you can find here:

Athlete Health Coach Primal

Dude Spellings
Dude Spellings