In memory of Heather Anne Rider

Heather Rider was one of our first Austin Wellness Collaborative supporters and members. As our founder shared “she was a BRIGHT, beautiful light”.

Heather leaves behind 2 daughters who have a GoFundMe here.

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She was a healer, entrepreneur and was very active in our community. She will be missed.

The following is adapted from her original AWC listing submission.

Former Anxiety Specialist @ Heather Rider Coaching

Heather Rider was an anxiety specialist who personally overcame high-functioning anxiety while working in a demanding Tech job. She worked with clients from all over the world who wanted to take a non-traditional, holistic approach to healing anxiety.

Heather developed her own unique healing method through her own experience, research and the experiences of hundreds of her clients. She was passionate about sharing this knowledge and helping people.

She regularly wrote and presented on the issues of perfectionism, high-functioning anxiety and other anxiety related topics.

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Heather Rider Energy Synergist
Heather Rider