Medical Reiki Master, Teacher, Priestess @ Feileacan Ministry

Izzy is an Energetic Safety and Trauma Specialist. She specializes in healing soul wounds caused by trauma, PTSD, and addiction. She frequently works with clients who have autoimmune disorders, adrenal fatigue, and other stress-related health issues.

Using Reiki energy and the Feileacan Trauma Release Technique™, Izzy guides and mentors her clients as they begin to rediscover lost or broken pieces of their souls. By creating calm, comfortable, and restful spaces, Izzy helps people feel safe as they engage in the deeper work of healing past wounds. She considers it her sacred task to guard and protect individuals while helping them work toward becoming whole again.

Izzy has been practicing Earth-based spirituality for more than 20 years. She is a Certified Medical Reiki Master and an ordained minister attuned to the master level in Traditional Usui Reiki and Usui Holy Fire Reiki. Izzy created the Guardian Method and The Feileacan Trauma Release Technique™. She is also the founder of The Order of the Crows, a priesthood tradition honoring the Morrigan.

As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, Izzy believes it essential to empower others to heal themselves; she provides clients and students with the necessary tools and techniques to build a daily practice of spiritual self-care.

Driven by her desire to be of service to others, Izzy offers courses in:

  • Energetic Safety
  • the Guardian Method
  • Reiki
  • & the Feileacan Trauma Release Technique™

She also facilitates drum journey circles and meditation groups. Her Sacred Keys line of natural sprays, oils, and incenses supports the energetic of this soul work.

Izzy believes that with time, love, and support, our capacity for healing and transformation is truly limitless.

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