Chiropractor and Geriatric Nurse Practioner.

Chronic disease has become an overwhelming problem in our country today with more than 133 million Americans or 45 percent of the population having at least one chronic illness from things like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, depression/anxiety and hormone imbalances. These numbers are alarming and predicted to continue to rise.

Jenny spent many years working in traditional medicine becoming more and more concerned watching people become sicker and sicker feeling helpless to make a significant difference. During these years, Jenny struggled with her own health issues and found herself heading down a path where she could be part of these statistics. She had taken antibiotics for 15 years and suffered with a myriad of digestive issues accompanied by depression and anxiety.

This became a wake up call and after finding no answers within the traditional medicine model she had spent years in, she started seeking answers elsewhere.

While traditional medicine has its place, by applying functional medicine principles Jenny now sees symptoms illness and disease in a much different way. Today she views every symptoms as a conversation waiting to happen with the body.

By utilizing specialized lab testing, and dedicating time to lifestyle factors, she works and customizes a plan with each client to identify root causes and creates strategies to optimize functionality of the mind and body.
Things like pain along with acute and chronic injuries can be treated successfully with things like Prolozone that can promote regeneration of the injured joint and surrounding tissues while decreasing inflammation.

Aging has also become an increased interest as Jenny finds herself aging which has peaked her interest to leave behind the old outdated beliefs that aging has to be met with fear, loss of independence and continuous decline. Today there are aging modalities that can change the course and rewrite our aging stories if we choose to. By listening and harassing the amazing abilities that lie within us we can live and thrive throughout our entire journey of life.


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Dr. Jenny Sechler, DC, GNP-C, FNP-C