Jessica is a Holistic Nutritionist with a master’s degree from the University of Natural Medicine and the Head Witch In Charge at Rune Haus. She holds certifications in health coaching, clinical herbalism, and Ashtanga Yoga.

Jessica’s 10+ years of firsthand experience and exploration in her own health journey as well as her education as a nutritionist and herbalist allows her to to help guide others on their own paths.

Her practice is rooted in flexibility and without dogma, combining food-medicine with lifestyle habit reshaping to help you find balanced, lasting health. She believes health is a deeply personal journey and so your food relationship and nutritional needs are as well.

Jessica works with you to navigate your unique path to wellness by building practical templates of well-being that you can access anytime throughout your life.

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Jessica Gilbreath, Holistic Nutrition, Health Coach, and Herbalist.
Jessica Gilbreath