Practitioner/Consultant @ Wise & Well: Therapeutic Body Services

Individual & Community Wellness Design; Certified Lymphatic Therapist

Wellness Design & Consulting for Community/Population Health utilizing Creative Arts, Food, Traditional Medicine and Environment modification

Since my youth, I have spent much of my time exploring and using complementary and traditional medicine tools, particularly yoga, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage, community music-making, movement, performance, dance, energy work, diet modification, environment modification and the traditional and creative arts, in general. My mother provided regular traditional massage for me as a child and used natural medicine when possible. Professionally, I have been training in a variety of meditation and energetic techniques since my late teens, a practicing massage therapist since 2004, a Registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher since 2006 and a Certified Lymphatic Therapist since 2008. I specialize in facial and pre- and post-surgical lymphatic work, and populations experiencing chronic health issues related to inflammation and stress.

I have formally studied the sciences, the creative arts, massage, lymphatic massage, Reiki, Kundalini yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and various other energetic modalities, in addition to being a recent graduate from the UT School of Public Health with a Master of Public Health degree. Currently, I am an active member of creative arts organizations, including Wache, an Afro-Colombian band focusing on traditional acoustic Colombian music, particularly gaita. Additionally, I am a core member of the Lengu@s Loc@s Writers Collective and a radical women’s health collective based in Austin, Texas, both new initiatives beginning in 2018. After 19 years, I am still a recurring performer and content collaborator with Aztlan Dance Company. As an active board member of the Austin Friends of Traditional Music, I currently co-coordinate performances for our annual Midwinter Festival. Overall, I hope to create and support healthier spaces for the general public, including artists who have been healing themselves and the world for generations. As I get older, I am focusing more on fostering environments to improve women’s and gender-spectrum health.

I sit on planning groups as part of the Michael and Susan Dell Center’s Community Collaborative for Child Health, Central Health’s Community Health Champion Alumni Committee, the Austin Health Commons and the Travis County Adolescent Health Collaborative. These groups allow me to stay in touch with current research and data collection concerning community projects. My own evaluation of music in healthy populations was published under the title, “Music and Associated Physiological Biomarkers of the Stress Response in General Populations: A Systematic Review.”

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