Life Coach, Executive Consultant, Burnout Consultant, Aura Mediator

Specialty: Helping clients accept their intuitive ability to help themselves by creating healthy energetic boundaries.

Do you trust your intuition about others but not yourself?

I also help clients change repetitive relationship patterns in their life by going to the root cause. With this understanding, clients automatically change.

Jon enjoyed a successful 34 year career with the same company as Sales Rep, Sales Manager, Sales Director, Director of National Accounts and VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

In 2012, Jon set an intention to change when he realized the limits he was experiencing in life came from living the results of other people’s thinking.

Helping others change, grow and develop became his passion as a leader, and he loved it. He loved it so much he realized this was his calling. Nothing else interested him anymore.

Coaching others as a life and executive coach since 2014, Jon’s passion is helping others who want to change any aspect of their life to live to their full potential.

Aura Mediator Executive Coach Higher Consciousness Life Coach

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