My name is Joseph Gorordo and I am the Vice President of Business Development at Recovery Unplugged. I am also a therapist, husband, and proud father to three amazing kids!

Shortly after graduating from high school in Laredo, TX, I found myself hopelessly addicted to alcohol and drugs. I spent the following six years using IV heroin and bouncing from treatment center to treatment center, never staying sober for more than a few days. On July 21st, 2008 I was removed from drugs for the last time and have been 100% sober from all mind altering substances ever since! I’ve dedicated the majority of my time in recovery to helping others find their freedom from addiction and am proud to have continued that work for the last 3 years with Recovery Unplugged.

Recovery Unplugged is a completely unique approach to addiction treatment. We use the healing power of music alongside traditional interventions to help our clients reconnect with their emotions, their true selves, and the world around them.

I am truly blessed to lead the life I live today and have the amazing privilege of watching people recover!

I would love to connect with other helpers in this group to build collaborative relationships and help others to recover!

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Joseph Gorordo
Joseph Gorordo